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Gap In The Research

You’re going to put up the debate because you’re going to find that gap in the research well so and so this study showed or this study demonstrated that laying hands at three days have X Salmonella but what wasn’t done in that was taking the sample this way or whatever see what I’m saying so the next thing you do after you show what other people say is you put yourself or you place yourself in the context of all of the existing literature out there where do I fit in okay where does my you know what came before me where do I fit in what’s lacking and what’s out there how does my research fill the gap and why is it important because you want to answer the the big question what’s the big question. Learn how to find a research gap taht you can fill onĀ Robotdon.

So what your committee is going to be nicer than that more polite but what they want to know is so what so what’s the big deal if you do this research or not who cares so what you answer that question that’s getting you closer how do they say it you can do summary this person said this this person agreed with this person but disagreed with this person this study showed this study showed this this study is similar in this way okay paraphrasing paraphrasing is really good when you’re translating technical jargon into more laypersons terms it’s really good for that or defining things paraphrase is not a great writing strategy it’s not so you guys who love those PDFs and you’ll highlight them all the time and you carry them around with you and then you start writing your paper from the PDFs usually that lends itself to kind of like chunky writing chunky study you know like oh you know like it’s not in your voice maybe changed a few words or whatever but it’s paraphrase paraphrase is elegant when you’re actually just presenting a fact in science or translating it not translating it but making some kind of very complex idea simple okay most people.

Don’t use quotations unless you’re in the humanities some social sciences do and actually in quotations in the humanities you’re using the quotes as evidentiary support okay maybe history – all right so this is for prepare phrasing you repeat something in new words you don’t just right-click and pick another word it’s ready – a varied audience when you were really useful when you present specific results and then tech information okay direct quotation it’s really used sparsely in most of your areas except for English okay or history or some of this but if you do use it make sure that you introduce a quote put the quote in and then explain the quote what I see a lot of times when people quote is they introduce the quote put the quote say look I’m really too lazy to explain this quote to you so I’m just going to move on to my next topic.