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Documentation For Your Term Paper

I usually do sections I go onward and I copy paste just parts of just like our keywords or keeney few sentences like not complete sentences little things so I know only what was in documentation or if I want to call something and just like put the quotes already and all that and I just do that for every topic I’m gonna be and damn i print it out again i use a lot of paper how could I write a favor so yeah and then what I do um is I put that next to me and I just write down on a blank sheet of paper just like the title and then like a little bit of the introduction the thesis statement and then I go into paragraphs and I kind of write down how I’m going to build it ah like according to what I have I just like once again short sentences or just keywords and then I go on my laptop and I start typing my text and when I’m writing BSA. Learn how to write better essays and papers at Edusson.

I usually write the introduction at the end just because in case I go somewhere else and when I blend I don’t want to have to rewrite it so it’s just right at the end that way I know I’m actually like my introduction is going to follow my entire essay so any introduction you should start with a cook only if your teacher wants one some teachers don’t even want one so I was it going to depend on the teacher some teachers are going to tell you what they want in to hook some of them just want like a basic facts some of them want definition some of them don’t want a hook so it really depends it needs to be like a little bit brawley cannot be too narrow but that’s pretty much it and then you introduce your kids to statement so thesis statement we talked about it a lot earlier um and finally you’re going to list your main boys so usually there’s like three paragraphs so three arguments so you write it down you so you just like sum them up really quick it could be a sentence for each.

If it’s like more specific stuff where you could even include them all in one sentence it just needs to be like the little topic so you know kind of what’s going to happen in the essay so now on to the paragraphs the first one should always be like the strongest point but once again like you decide I just think it’s easier if you get like the strongest point first then the leaf good one you just put it the second and like the third one which is like kind of in the middle like it’s not that bad but it’s not the best one you should put it at the end because you don’t want to finish with the worst one but you don’t want to start with the worst one either so you just put it in the middle so it’s just like easier to swallow you know so when you write a paragraph the first sentence is going to be the topic sentence so you need to introduce your topic the topic of the paragraph and also the first main idea and you need to relate it to the thesis statement so yeah then you’re just going to introduce textual evidence so um you’re going to be quoting stuff and like analyzing the topic and stuff like that.